Through tomorrow, you can get EXTREMELY cheap Tide Pods at Target! I’m talking less than THREE DOLLARS per pack! Also through tomorrow, you can get some great deals on toilet paper and papers towels too. These deals were so amazing, I grabbed the last two packs off the shelf!

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$15 in FREE Makeup – NO Coupons Needed!

This week, the coupons printing at the Red Coupon Machine are great! Everyone is getting a FREE beverage (1L or less) coupon, for up to $3.00! I also had a few extras print out, which I turned around and used to get some free items!

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FREE Makeup @ CVS


Buy (3) Wet n Wild @ $4.99 each = $14.97
Use $3 off $15 CRT = -$3.00
Pay $11.97
Get back $12 ECB
Net: 3¢ MM

Colgate total toothpaste = $2.99
Use $2 off 1 insert (SS 11/6) = -$2.00
Pay 99¢
Get back $1 ECB
Net: 1¢ MM

Buy 3 cans Progresso = $4.00
Use $1 off 3 IP = -$1.00
Pay $3.00
Get back $2 ECB
Submit for 10¢ MobiSave rebate
Net: 90¢ or 30¢ per can

Buy (2) Right Guard Xtreme = $6.00
Use (2) $1.50 off 1 IPs = -$3.00
Pay $3.00
Get back $2 ECB
Submit for $1.50 SavingStar rebate
Net: 50¢ MM

16 FREE Razors @ CVS


Through Sunday, November 6th, you can score FREE razors and super cheap feminine products at CVS! I used only IPs, so anyone can do this deal.

If you’re not so experienced with shopping at CVS, check out my CVS Basics post for tips on how to get started!

This week, select Shick disposable razors are on sale for $5.99. When you buy two participating items, you’ll get back $5 in ECBs! The limit for the ECBs for this deal is one per household. Here’s the breakdown:

Buy (2) 8-count packs Shick Slim ST3 @ $5.99 each = $11.98
Use a $7/2 Shick Disposable Razor Packs IP = -$7.00
Pay: $4.98
Earn $5 ECB for buying 2 = -$5.00
Net: FREE + 2¢ MM!

TIP: I grabbed the largest packs eligible for this deal. Get the most bang for your buck!

You can also score cheap Kotex feminine products this week too! Select Kotex pads, liners and tampons are on sale for $3.99 and you can get a $1 ECB when you buy one. The limit for this deal is also one per household.

Buy (1) 18-count Sleek Kotex tampons = $3.99
Buy (1) 50-count thong pantyliners = $3.99
Use $1/1 Kotex Sleek Tampons IP = -$1.00
Use $2/1 Kotex Tampons or Pads CVS IP = -$2.00
Pay: $4.98
Earn $1 ECB for buying 1 = -$1.00
Submit for $3/2 Kotex items Ibotta rebate = -$3.00
Net: 98¢ total or 49¢ each

***You can buy two 18-count packs of tampons and use two of the $1/1 IPs and make this a freebie deal!

Cheap Breakfast, Juice & FREE Medicine



I managed to visit Target just about every other day this week, but this deal has been my favorite so far! I’ve been using Nasacort for my allergies for almost a year now, and I love when I can get it for very cheap!

If this is your first time couponing, this first deal wouldn’t be the best to begin with. It incorporates a category coupon, manufacturer coupons, cartwheel and a mail-in rebate!


Zantac Duo Fusion = $8.49
Nasacort 120 sprays = $18.19
Use $5 GB WYS $25 on healthcare offer = -$5.00
Use 25% off Zantac CW = -$2.12
Use 25% off Nasacort CW = -$4.55
Use $5/1 Nasacort IP = -$5.00
Use $5/1 Zantac Duo Fusion IP = -$5.00
Pay: $5.01
Submit for $4 MobiSave Nasacort rebate = -$4.00
Net: $1.01 for both

**There’s also a mail-in rebate on Zantac’s website, which makes this deal a MONEY MAKER!image

V8 Veggie Blend = $3.19
V8 Veggie Blend = $3.14
Use 31% off CW = -$1.96
Use (2) $1/1 coupon (IP or SS 10/2) = -$2.00
Net: $2.36 total or $1.18 each


I ended up going back for 10 more this week! There were so many choices, but the Pineapple Passion has been my favorite so far!





Hungry Jack pancake mix = $1.98
Hungry Jack syrup = $2.77
Use $1.25 off pancake & syrup IP = -$1.25
Pay: $3.50
Submit for 50¢ Hungry Jack pancake mix Ibotta rebate = -50¢
Submit for 50¢ Hungry Jack syrup Ibotta rebate = -50¢
Earn bonus for buying both Hungry Jack items = -50¢
Net: $2.00 or $1.00 each

HUGE Laundry Detergent for CHEAP

I haven’t had to purchase bulk laundry detergent in over a year. The last time I bought detergent was in May of 2015! Don’t get me wrong… I remember getting a single bottle of Persil because it was super cheap at CVS, but I’m down to about two bottles of my stash. I’ve given some to family and also donated some to our local animal shelter, but my personal stockpile is dwindling down.


In May 2015, I scored all of this for $2.81!

Feeling in a bind, I tried to locate the best deal for detergent this week. Target had the best deal (in my opinion) on these huge 150 oz. bottles of Purex. Here’s the breakdown:


Buy (3) 150 oz. Purex @ $6.99 each = $20.97
Use 10% CW = -$2.10
Use a $3 off 2 IP = -$3.00
Pay: $15.87 (I rolled a $5 GC)
Get back $5 GC for buying 3
Submit for $4 WYS $15 SavingStar rebate
Net: $6.87 total (or $2.29 each)

TIP: Some of the larger bottles have a peelie for Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! If you can find one, your savings will be even sweeter!