Three FREE Packs of Toilet Paper!

This week, you can get THREE FREE packs of toilet paper (or paper towels) from CVS! I was very skeptical about their new curbside pickup option, but it really works!


I did this deal on the CVS app, where I had already linked my CVS card. On the CVS app, add three of the Quilted Northern, Brawny or Angel Soft items that are currently on sale for 3 for $15.

I added three of the Quilted Northern 9-count packs of toilet paper. Each will show up as $6.49, but this is because it hasn’t taken into account your CVS card.

You’ll have to enter your credit card information, but it won’t charge you until you get to the store and pickup your items. When you get to the final screen, enter the promo code CVSDEC1015 – this will take $10 off a $15 purchase. Your total should come to $10.64.

When your order is ready to be picked up, you’ll get a text message sent to your phone.


When you get to the store, you can either pickup your items inside, or you can park in one of the designated curbside spaces. (I couldn’t find my store’s spaces, so I went inside.) My cashier had my items ready for me, and I double checked that the sale price applied to my items. My card was charged $5.00 (plus tax) and got back $5 in ECBs.

After all is said & done, the entire breakdown for this deal is:

Buy (3) packs Quilted Northern 9-count TP = $15.00
Use promo code CVSDEC1015 = -$10.00
Pay: $5.00
Earn $5.00 ECB

You can mix & match the items in this deal, based on what your needs are. I’ve been told you cannot use paper coupons when doing curbside pickup, and I haven’t tried paying with ECBs… but this was a great deal nonetheless!