The BEST way to organize coupons

After retiring my coupon binder, I decided not to get weekly inserts anymore. Now I only get inserts when I know a great deal is coming up, or a high value coupon is set to come out. My go-to nowadays are Internet Printable coupons (IPs). The only downfall I’ve come across with IPs is that they aren’t as high valued as weekly inserts; but sometimes an IP is released that wasn’t in an insert!

How I organize my IPs:

  • Print as needed. I’ve come to realize that clipping every available coupon is a waste. It is a waste of paper, time, and space. I only print the coupons I know I will most definitely use. Typically, you can print two of the same coupon per device – laptop, cell phone, iPad, etc.
  • Use a mini file folder. It’s so small and compact, that I can keep this in my purse at all times. Unlike the binder, it’s easier to maneuver a mini file folder while shopping and checking out.
  • Divide by store. With my deal already in mind, I’ll print however many coupons my deal scenario calls for. If my deal is at CVS, I’ll put all of the coupons for the deal in my CVS divider slot. I also keep store coupons in their respective divider too.

How I organize my weekly inserts:

  • Use a large file folder. I use a larger version file folder to store and organize my whole inserts. I can still carry this with me in a reusable grocery bag, and it is still much simpler than the bulky binder.
  • Divide by insert type and date. On the spine of all inserts, in very small print, will be the date of the insert. I’ll keep my SS 3/13 insert separate from my RP 3/13 inserts. If there are two of the same type of inserts in a week, I’ll number those #1 or #2.
  • Keep inserts whole. Only clip coupons from weekly inserts, as needed. If I find a deal on a deal match-up site, like Free Stuff Finder, I don’t have to flip through my binder to find where “x” coupon is. Most often, the weekly insert is mentioned in the deal, so I can go right to that insert and find what I need.

How do you store and organize your coupons? Do you think this method would work for you? Let me know in a comment below!